Marina Eliozishvili

Marina Eliozishvili - artist


Location: Tbilisi, Georgia.    

Education: 1974 Graduated from the Tbilisi  State Academy of Arts. She teaches fine art at the Tbilisi State University. Her works are kept in the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts and are displayed in the exposition of the museum.      

Personal Exhibitions: 

1994 - Tbilisi  Business Club, Tbilisi. 

1998 - State Art Museum of Georgia, Tbilisi.   

1999 - TBC Bank Office, Tbilisi.  

2001 - UN Office, Tbilisi.  

2005 - Gallery Universe, Tbilisi. 

2005 - UN Office, Tbilisi.  

2008 - ''Maski'', Tbilisi.  

2010 - Adjara State Art Museum, Batumi. 


Art Projects:

2013 - Art Workshop for Turkey Guzelbahce. 

2005 - Fall Workshop of Lithography, Georgian Artists Union, Lithography Art Studio, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1994 - Georgian Art Exhibition-auction, Business Centre, Tbilisi, Georgia.  



In 2015 Mrs. M. Eliozishvili participated in the International Competitive Exhibition "Arts Innovation" which was held in New York, Manhattan gallery "West Park Art Gallery". According to the decision of "New York Realism Fine Art" Artists' society jury, she won the competition, took the first place and was awarded the gold medal in the REALISM category. Her works were published in the relevant catalog.